Bringing a laser focus to uncovering the ‘why’

We integrate ideas and approaches from multiple disciplines to examine stubborn problems in a new light. We generate unbiased insights on why people with limited resources behave the way they do and develop scalable solutions to move people to action.  We create tools and make them available as a public good for the global development community. 


Our approach to smarter development



We believe that all systems are fundamentally about people. At the core of our approach is understanding their values, aspirations, and needs.


People exist within a human system of interactions, influences, mental models, and emotions that drive behavior.


People also exist within systems and organizations whose incentives and forces shape the issues we seek to address.


These elements combine to make an ecosystem. We believe that understanding the complete picture – the human, the behavioral and the structural – allows us to identify undiscovered, often simple, leverage points to drive change.


Being a catalyst to large investments

As a privately funded action tank, we partner with organizations and governments to help unlock some of their biggest challenges. Our model is to supplement existing programs with our funds, expertise, and tools.


Our Partners