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Surgo Foundation is committed to creating a collection of insights and tools generated by our work, in order to catalyze broader change. We want these lessons and practical insights to be available to others in the development field. You are welcome to adopt or adapt them for your own work.


Reports, peer-reviewed articles and other publications presenting in-depth explanations and analyses of Surgo Foundation’s approach – from a theoretical perspective, or showing how it has been applied in the field

Introducing innovations at scale

An editorial that discusses how innovations can be systematically assessed prior to their introduction into public-health programs at scale, using circumcision devices for the voluntary medical male circumcision program in Africa as a case study.

Testing fast: Demand-based volumetric forecasting

A research study that applies demand-based volumetric forecasting to project how the introduction of circumcision devices could impact client demand for voluntary medical male circumcision, and the resulting potential trajectory of scale-up of the male circumcision program in Zambia and Zimbabwe.