Steve Kretschmer
Managing Director

Steve assembles and coordinates multi-disciplinary teams for Surgo Foundation. These teams address complex development challenges, often aimed at understanding and changing behavior for large-scale public-health impact.  Steve’s passion is unlocking such challenges through deep, systematic research focused on identifying why problems exist and how best to pragmatically induce change.

Steve was previously Senior Director with Ipsos, where he led a global team focused on market research to support the decision-making needs of NGOs, international development organizations and government ministries for healthcare development programs. In this role, Steve designed unique research solutions to address intractable behavior challenges, and coordinated diverse stakeholders as they adopted the approaches, including policy-makers in government ministries, funding organizations, and implementing partners.

Prior to this, Steve ran Ipsos Healthcare’s Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa regions for global emerging markets, and acted as a Global Account Director for key pharma client accounts. In this role, he applied his extensive experience in international research for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, supporting decision-making for clinical trial design, product launch, and in-market commercial strategies.

Before joining Ipsos, Steve worked at TNS Healthcare, where he managed client accounts and ran global operations, including the development of online physician panels, and the North American analytics team.